Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hello, anybody there?

*brushes off cobwebs and blows away the dust*

This feels really strange, it's been over three months since I've so much as read a blog, never mind putting any words on my own. We've done plenty I could write about but I simply Couldn't. Be. Arsed......

I don't know what has made me start writing today, considering I have a basket full of clothes that aren't going to iron themselves and an irritable poorly Monster hanging off me trying to blow dribbly wet raspberries on my face......oh that's right, I'm procrastinating!

Back in May I signed up with Rosalilium to challenge myself to blog every day for a month, 31 days of waffle (lucky for you I only managed 19 of them). It stressed me, it made me tired and slightly panicky when I sat up late most nights struggling to string together a sentence or ten to get a blog post out every day. It annoyed me greatly when I couldn't keep up, I felt I was letting the team down, but when I noticed she was doing it again I stuck my name on the end of that damn list......sucker for punishment!

So that's the plan, 30 days of blogging to gently ease me back into the bloggersphere (that's a word, right?!).....I'm already late for the party!